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TO: Ray DuBois

CC: Pentagon Facilities Management

CC: Sony, Inc.

CC: Home Depot

CC: Francis Bacon

CC: Timmy, c/o his parents

CC: All Pentagon Staff

CC: The dreaded Steve

SUBJECT: Lights Follow Up – Conspiracy?

My grandson introduced me to a game he plays on his Sony Playstand (sp?) called “Knowledge is Power.” Is this true and what is our intel on it? If knowledge is power, and power makes the lights work, do we need to seek more knowledge to solve the corridors problem? Lights come from Home Depot, and Home Depot offers jobs to vets. Is this an inside job from within our military? Their logo is also orange – Agent Orange? What are we doing about the Vietnam issue? What does Sony – a Japanese company – know about this? Makes me consider the Japanese Minister’s visit in a new light. What are you doing here no I don’t need a goddamn nap take your hands off me yo–

–end transmission–

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My problem with this is the idea that he can take thoughts he had in one memo and apply them in other memos, sometimes in a causal manner. All Rummy memo thoughts are discrete entities that cannot be conjoined or related, and all exist in their own impenetrable space and time.

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Dear god, was being the funniest person on Defector not enough for you?

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Thank you I think but also what do you mean "was"?

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TO: Paul Wolfowitz

SUBJECT: Comb Lubrication

Paul, goddammit, you have to keep your comb moistened at all times. I don't care if you have to suck it on camera, keep that bitch wet.

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Carville wants to volunteer for service in the illustrious Info Wars, you say?

MFer brags about (that era's version of) shitposting in the early '70s on behalf of bigoted, censorship-worshipping southern bible thumpers and Rumsfeld goes full Monty Burns, like Carville's inbred ass is some young prospect itching for coach to give him a shot.

And then he lived another twenty fucking years. Boo-urns. Rest in piss, mass murderer.

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I can’t stop looking at the way the word “indications” was handwritten.

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